Dear Dancers,
How are you all? We miss each and every one of you terribly! We so look forward to seeing you all soon and dancing with you again. Costumes are still arriving. And they are beautiful! Once we get back to dance, we’ll have to see if we’re able to stay with our original recital date. If not, we’ll look into when and where we can put on our shows. We will have a show though! We may just have to be a bit more flexible. Maybe this will turn itself around much sooner than we think, and we can just jump back in and go with the plan. We just don’t know yet.

We hope these videos will help you get some practice in while we all stay at home. Teachers will be adding more videos as time goes on so you can all get in more dance! Just keep remembering, we’ll get back to dance just as soon as we can! We all have to do our part right now and social distance.

Here are the most recent teacher’s links. There will be more dance in them soon! Teachers will be adding videos as often as they can, so keep an eye on these links. Take good care of yourselves and stay healthy! We’re all in this together…

Teacher Bethany


Teacher Jayne


Teacher Jenn


Teacher Peg


Teacher Shruti


Teacher Tracy


Teacher Aariel has contacted students directly – for questions,
Teacher Karen have contacted students directly – for questions, khendrick63@nullgmail.com
Teacher Nyree have contacted students directly – for questions,

Looking forward to dancing with you again at the studio!
All of us at TJ Dance!