Snow Day and Reminders

TJ Dance is closed today Monday February 26, 2018 because of Snow.  Riverview School District is also closed. We often follow our district’s decisions but it’s always a good idea to check in and make sure we haven’t made an exception. We will schedule an “All Studio” Make Up Class in the Spring. These make up classes gives us a chance to all work together on Opening and Finale. Also, please remember any dancer can make up missed classes in an age appropriate class at any time!

We would love feedback/suggestions & testimonials from all of you to keep us on our toes and to keep our website more current. Please send any feedback/suggestions & testimonials to Everyone of you is very important to us!

Recital is June 23, 2018! We hear there are some wonderful theater improvements happening and we’re looking forward to working with those improvements and working with our wonderful theater tech team come June!  Thank You Riverview! Thank you Kory & Dr Smith!!!

Most importantly… Thank You so much for dancing with us at TJ Dance! Let’s Dance!

TJ Dance is closed April 9-14 for Spring Break. Happy Spring!