Hip Hop (Pre-Teen)

Welcome to our exciting Hip Hop class for 9 to 12-year-olds! In this high-energy class, young dancers will learn the fundamentals of hip hop movement, rhythm, and coordination. Through fun choreography and engaging activities, kids will develop their creativity, confidence, and teamwork skills. Our experienced instructor will guide them in mastering age-appropriate moves while fostering a positive and supportive environment. Get ready to groove, laugh, and shine on the dance floor!

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Tap/HipHop (Youth)

An energetic class that blends tap, hip hop, and jazz funk styles, creating a unique blend for dance recital! Half of the class will explore rhythmic tap footwork, so don’t forget to bring your tap shoes. The other half will groove in clean sneakers or jazz shoes.Our inclusive environment encourages everyone to shine!

For this class you will need: Tap shoes with elastic ties and clean sneakers or jazz shoes Clothes that offer free movement and offer stretch (no jeans!) Please have your kids come dressed and ready to dance on time!

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Hoops (Pre-Teen/MS)

Join our exhilarating class where you’ll spin, sway, and groove with hoops. We will practice with large and small hoops on and off-body hoop dancing and tricks! Drawing inspiration from hip hop, jazz, funk, and modern dance, we’ll craft a fun and memorable routine for our recital. Come try it out, your first class is a free trial!

For this class you will need: Soft/ jazz shoes for dancing, hair pulled away from the face,

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Ballet Lyrical (Youth)

This dance combination class teaches basic ballet and lyrical to elementary school ages 9-11. Barre work and center floor combinations will be used to re-enforce learning dance routines. Students will increase their physical strength, flexibility and stamina. This class will cultivate an interest in dance performance and a feeling of accomplishment. Dancers will perform one dance and participate in the group opening number in the June recital.

*Leather ballet slippers, and jazz shoes required.

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