CDC Recommendations for Returning to Dance

As we all know, things changed often with the CDC recommendations concerning Covid Safety.   Since 12 and under can’t yet be vaccinated, so we plan to return to class in masks and ask that all dancers continue to wear masks. At check in, we will also be taking temperatures and applying hand sanitizer on each…
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Summer Classes Offered 2021

Hi Dancers, Nyree is having two free Belly Dance workshops this summer! They are on Saturday, July 24 from Noon to 1:30 and Saturday August 21 from Noon to 1:30. Join in on the FUN! Shruti is having a a Bollywood Workshop Saturday August 14 at 10-11. That is also a free workshop. Hope to…
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Dance Links for practices. 2020 Dances

Links: Jayne!AptLF0GkzU3ZdX4JvgyakgHzOUY?e=q0PcHz Bethany!AptLF0GkzU3ZdkBiCjIpeIsi8mA?e=vBh0qh Stephanie!AptLF0GkzU3Zd6GEKQ9txoVMgkg?e=ZWSRGe Tracy!AptLF0GkzU3ZeJCNc7t2-K9cMtM?e=axlJrh Peg!AptLF0GkzU3ZetUqygSa_Dj-mso?e=V695c9 Shruti!AptLF0GkzU3ZfAbIh0GOahNUANo?e=8DKeRd Jenn Public – we hope to fill this folder for anyone wanting a little exercise and dance at home. Once it is full, please feel free to share it any time with anyone!!AptLF0GkzU3Z1URWuORwzsvp6LM0?e=c1Hazs Aariel, Karen and Nyree have contacted their…
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