Our registration process has three steps:

  1. Fill out our Student Information Form. TJ Dance requires each student to have a current student information/registration form on file.
  2. Decide which classes to take by looking at the class descriptions and reviewing the schedule or by calling the studio. If you still need help deciding, we would be glad to help you personally!
  3. Tuition payments can be made at our studio, online through your bank's "bill pay" or by using our Online Payment Form. We hope to have "auto-pay" set up by fall. Each dancer also pays a yearly registration fee of $30 per student or $50 per family per dance year (Sept - June).



  1. Information Form: TJ Dance requires each student to have a current student information form on file. If you're a returning student, you'll need to fill this out once a year. Please click here to fill out our online student information form.
  2. Review our Schedule and decide which classes to take
  3. Go to Online Payment form to calculate your registration & tuition payment and Pay Online.


Our preference to make payments is online through Paypal. No Paypal Account Necessary.
If you want to send a check, please get in touch with the office,