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Dear Dancers,
How are you all? We miss each and everyone of you terribly! We so look forward to seeing you all soon and dancing with you again. Costumes are still arriving. And they are beautiful! Once we get back to dance, we’ll have to see if we’re able to stay with our original recital date. If not, we’ll look into when and where we can put on our shows. We will have a show though! We may just have to be a bit more flexible. Maybe this will turn itself around much sooner than we think and we can just jump back in and go on with the original plan. We just don’t know yet. ❤️ We hope these videos will help you get some practice in while we all stay at home. All of the teachers will be adding more videos as time goes on so you can all get in more dance! Just keep remembering, we’ll get back to dance just as soon as we can! We all have to do our part right now and social distance.
Here are the most recent teacher’s links. There will be more dance in the folders soon! Teachers will be adding videos as often as they can, so keep an eye on these links. Take good care of yourselves and stay healthy! We’re all in this together...❤️
#_tjdance #tjdancerocks #tjdance
Teacher Bethany!AptLF0GkzU3ZdkBiCjIpeIsi8mA

Teacher Jayne!AptLF0GkzU3ZdX4JvgyakgHzOUY

Teacher Jenn

Teacher Peg!AptLF0GkzU3ZetUqygSa_Dj-mso

Teacher Stephanie!AptLF0GkzU3Zd6GEKQ9txoVMgkg

Teacher Shruti!AptLF0GkzU3ZfAbIh0GOahNUANo

Teacher Tracy!AptLF0GkzU3ZeJCNc7t2-K9cMtM

Teacher Aariel has contacted students directly - for questions,

Teacher Karen have contacted students directly - for questions,

Teacher Nyree have contacted students directly - for questions,

Looking forward to dancing with you again at the studio! ❤️
Good health to all!
TJ Dance!

TJ Dance Jazz Warm Ups/Stretches
#_tjdance #tjdancerocks #tjdance!AptLF0GkzU3ZuCWayAjqrNa0QlOy

Hi dancers! Oh how we miss you! I'm sorry it's taken so long to get our videos uploaded. The actual upload takes days sometimes. We're getting there though! Links below 😉❤🥰 Teacher Jayne's!AptLF0GkzU3ZdX4JvgyakgHzOUY
Teacher Peg's!AptLF0GkzU3ZetUqygSa_Dj-mso
Teacher Stephanie's!AptLF0GkzU3Zd6GEKQ9txoVMgkg
These teachers will contact you personally with their links or you can email them.
Teachers Aarial
Teacher Karen
Teacher Nyree

Keep watching the links. I'm uploading 7 videos i recorded yesterday right now. The Wed Fosse warm ups and stretches are loading with those. Everybody can stretch to those! You can even share those with people needing to move. Today I'll get some floor work recorded. Hoping to see you all soon! #_tjdance ##tjdancerocks #tjdance

We can accomplish some things while we're keeping to ourselves!❤ We're sorting and organizing costumes. Stay healthy everyone. We miss you. Practices dances loading slowly. They will be up soon! 🥰
#tjdance #tjdancerocks #_tjdance

So sorry Dancers. Gov. Inslee has us temporarily shut down until March 31st. Dance videos up soon Let's keep practicing until we can get together again!❤💃🥰 #_tjdance #tjdancerocks #tjdance ...

Good Morning All! We are continuing to surface clean between each class and doing lots of hand washing! We hope to remain a safe and fun place for dancers of all ages to gather! Let's Dance! 💃😘❤ As this evolves, we'll keep you posted. Thank You for dancing with us. 💕
#_tjdance #tjdancerocks #tjdance

Hi Dancers! ❤ There is so much uncertainty concerning COVID-19. We are all hearing the often confusing news. This has many of our dance families concerned and understandably so. We've weathered many storms as a studio. We plan to get through this also! We want to assure all of our dancers and families we're doing everything we can to keep our dancers and their families safe. All dancers must wash their hands as they enter the studio. Between every class, teachers wipe all often touched surfaces down with disinfectant. We hope to keep the studio up and running and keep all plans for our recitals moving forward. 💕 #tjdancerocks! Indeed it does!❤ Let's keep dancin'!💃 #_tjdance and let's all do our part to keep us all healthy by following all the guidelines preventing the spread of this virus. #tjdance 🥰 ...

Please read ❤
#_tjdance #tjdancerocks #tjdance
Thank You!

Gotta love these crazy dancers! And we do!❤ Student Teacher Lilly... makes all the difference! Thank you girl!💕
#_tjdance #tjdancerocks #tjdance

"New York, New York" (adult beginning tap)and "If They Could See Me Now" (Fosse style adult jazz) costume try on time! It was organized chaos but Oh So FUN! ❤🤗💃
#_tjdance #tjdance #tjdancerocks

Lots of costumes to try on last night! ❤ #_tjdance #tjdancerocks #tjdance ...

TJ Dance News!
Picture date has been scheduled for Friday June 5, 2020 at Cherry Valley MPR.
Dress Rehearsal dates have changed because of a school scheduling conflict. New Rehearsal Dates are Tuesday June 16th and Thursday June 18th at Cedarcrest. Thank You!
#_tjdance #tjdancerocks #tjdance

We're still kind of a mess out here in the valley. So much flood water and so many closed roads are making driving a bit unpredictable. No classes Saturday Feb 8. We will make these missed classes up in the spring. Be safe! ❤#_tjdance ...

Due to unpredictable and unstable road conditions, TJ Dance is canceling all evening classes tonight Thursday, Feb 6th. We will schedule a make up class soon! Please stay safe. #_tjdance #tjdancerocks #tjdance ...

Big Thank You to Bill and Annie for getting us all recertified today!❤

TJ Dance has decided to cancel evening classes today Thursday January 16th. The main roads seem much better but we worry about the snowy neighborhoods, more freezing tonight and many are still waiting for their power to return. We will do a make up class this spring to all work together on Opening and Finalė. Thank You for Your Understanding! We will all be dancing together soon!❤❄💃 #_tjdance #tjdanceocks #tjdance ...

Good Morning! No morning classes Thursday January 16th at TJ Dance. Please check in again after 1 PM to see if we'll be having evening classes. Thank You! #_tjdance #tjdancerocks #tjdance ...

Another Snow Day! No classes at TJ Dance Wednesday January 15. Riverview SD is also closed. Make Up Classes will be scheduled for Spring. Hopefully we'll get back to dancing soon... ❤❄☃️ Happy Snow Day!
#_tjdance #tjdancerocks #tjdance