TJ Dance Class Schedule 2021/2022

Class Schedule 2021/2022

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5:00-5:45    Tap/HipHop/Jazz/Funk    7-9 yr old     Teacher Aariel

6:00-6:45    Beg HipHop/Funk+    Adults     Teacher Aariel

7:00-7:45    Beg/Int Flow & Flexibility+    12 yr-Adult     Teacher Aariel

8:00-8:45    Beg/Int Modern Fusion+     12 yr-Adult     Teacher Aariel


4:00-4:45    Ballet/Tap    4-5 yr old     Teacher Peg

5:00-5:45    Ballet/Tap    6-8 yr old     Teacher Peg

6:00-6:45    HipHop/Cheer    7-10 yr old     Teacher Ileah

7:00-7:45    HipHop/Cheer    11-14 yr old     Teacher Ileah



4:00-4:45    Tap/Ballet/Jazz    3-6 yr old     Teacher Jayne (Class Full)

5:00-5:45    Tap/ Ballet/Jazz    7-10 yr old     Teacher Jayne

6:00-6:45    Tap/Jazz    11-15 yr old    Teacher Jayne



4:00-4:45    Ballet/Lyrical    9-11 yr old     Teacher Peg

5:00-5:45    Ballet/Lyrical    11-14 yr old     Teacher Peg

6:00-6:45    Ballet Fitness~    HS/Adult Teacher Peg    (2nd Tuesday of each month)





5:00-5:45    Basic Beg Tap+    Teen/Adults     Teacher Jayne

6:00-6:45    Beg/Int Tap+    Teens/Adults     Teacher Jayne

7:00-8:30    "Fosse Style" Jazz Stretch & Strengthen+    HS/Adult     Jayne & Peg


4:00-4:45    Creative Movement/Tap    3-4 yr old     Teacher Aariel

5:00-5:45    Tap/HipHop/Jazz/Funk    9-12 yr old     Teacher Aariel

6:00-6:45    Beg/Int Flow & Flexibility+    12 yr - Adult     Teacher Aariel

7:00-7:45    Modern Fusion +   12-Adult     Teacher Aariel



5:00-5:45    Tap/Ballet/Jazz    4-7 yr old     Teacher Jayne

6:00-6:45    Int/Adv Tap    HS/Adult     Teacher Jayne

7:00-7:45    Int/Adv Country Line (Teacher Approval)    HS/Adult    Teacher Bethany




6:00-6:45    Beg Country Line    HS/Adult     Teacher Bethany


Watch for these upcoming workshops:

  • Student Choreography Guidance
  • All Teacher Workshops (all teachers - all styles)
  • Art and Dance
  • Private Lessons (Call Studio to Schedule)
  • and coming soon... Beginning Basket Making - start to Finish!




 12:00-12:45    Belly Dance*    Teacher/Adult     Teacher Nyree (Class Full)

1:00-1:45    Persian Winged and Flamenco Influenced Belly Dance*    Teen/Adult    Teacher Nyree (Class Full)

(These classes are the 2nd & 4th Saturday of each month)

Remember, all classes can be made up at any age appropriate class.

Please let the teacher know if you are planning to come to an extra class.

Symbol Key


*  Classes are 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month – ½ price

~  Ballet Fitness class - $15 a class

+ Can be combined with full price class for $35

MS = Middle School Aged
HS = High School Aged
Beg = Beginning Level
Int = Intermediate Level
= Advanced Level

NOTE: All tuition is due the 1st dance class of the month. If you pay after the 15th of the following month, a late fee may be added to your tuition.
Over the 10-month dance year the class days per month average out to 4 per month. Tuition is based on the average and therefore is not decreased for short months nor increased for 5-week months. Tuition is not reduced for missed classes unless the absence is prolonged, and the bookkeeper is notified. Missed classes can be made up in any age-appropriate class.


  • Registration - Registration Open Aug 1. Classes are first come, first serve, and class size may be limited depending on CDC recommendations.
  • Classes Begin: Monday, Sept. 13, 2021
  • Thanksgiving Break: Thursday, Nov. 25, 2021 – Sunday Nov. 28, 2021
  • Christmas Break: Monday, Dec. 20, 2021 – Sunday Jan. 2, 2022
  • Spring Break: Monday, April 11, 2022 - Sunday, April 16, 2022

Recital  June 18, 2022

Dress Rehearsals June 16, 2022

Pictures TBA

All Recital Activities & Dates are Pending CDC Regulations




Registration Fee - $25 per student or $40 per family per dance year (Sept thru June)
Classes - $70 per month for first class, $50 per month per additional class or family member. Additional classes with + next to them $35.
Class Drop-In - $20 (All drop-in fees are due at the beginning of each class)
Costume Deposit - $50 per student per class due Dec 10th (Pending recital arrangements)
Tuition Discount – Receive 10% off when you pay for a year’s tuition in full (payment is non-refundable)

If anyone feels the need to attend virtually because they are not feeling well, please contact your teacher to schedule accordingly.

$20 fee for all returned checks We accept cash or check payments at the studio. Credit/Debit can be used online.

In most cases, except in the event of a power outage, there will be an updated message on the studio answering machine, website, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter if classes need to be canceled because of the weather or other emergency. Usually if school is canceled, dance will also be canceled (pending school arrangements) Check by calling 425-844-9086 or check the web.