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Registering for Dance season is upon us and I highly recommend TJ Dance. We started our daughters at TJ in 1993. I started dancing around 1999 and you will still see me on stage during recital. Our daughters, who no longer live in Duvall now have kids and they strive to find a dance studio that has the same values that Jayne & Peg has instilled by how they run their studio. TJ’s motto of “Anyone Can Dance” is truly followed. Jayne & Peg have such a love for dance that they want everyone to have a chance to develop the same kind of love. They have hired teachers, many of whom were their own students, who share their joy of dance and offer many dance options. The recitals are truly a show where the dancers can shine. It is a wonderful experience. Please give TJ a try, you will not regret your choice.
Karen Gunderson

Fantastic and very welcoming dance studio. My daughter, and her two daughters have been attending classes there these last few years.

Leonore Manzone Spafford

TJ Dance is a very warm and welcoming dance studio. They stand true to their philosophy that anyone and everyone CAN dance!! I did not start dancing until I was 21, and I have been dancing ever since because of how fun and encouraging all of the teachers are!! I have even learned to tap as an adult!! My almost 5 year old son has danced for 2 years and is already signed up for Hip hop this fall! TJ Dance has been in Duvall since the 80s for a reason: they make everyone and anyone a dancer!!!

Stacie Birk

My daughter has danced here for over 8 years. Love the instructors. Total family welcoming feeling.

Andrea K Gegner Lim

As an adult recreational dancer, I find TJ Dance to be the perfect place for indulging my love of dance as my preferred way to maintain strength, flexibility, balance, and cardio fitness. The experienced instructors make classes fun, but challenging, for all ages and experience levels. Studio owners Jayne and Peg have established TJ Dance as a safe, welcoming space for everyone who wants to dance.

Carolyn Butler

I love taking dance class with Jayne at tj dance. She is very inspirational and does poetic justice on the dance floor. I’m so glad I am part of her dance team. I’m so jazzed up that next year I will not only continue my jazz dancing but also will take tap classes so I can tap my way into the next chorus line! Love love

Marijke Thomas