Class Tuition & Fees

Registration Fee - $25 per student or $40 per family per dance year (Sept - June)

First class per week - $60 per month for first classes

Additional class or family member - $40 per month for per additional classes

Drama, Golden Oldies Tap and other Intro Classes Marked with asterisk - $40/month *

Dance Class Drop in Fee - $20 (All drop in fees are due at the beginning of each class)

Punch Card Available Classes / - 5 classes for $50

Costume Deposit - $50 per student per class (costume deposits are non-refundable, see info below)

Tuition Discount - Receive 10% off when you pay for a year's tuition in full (payment is non-refundable)

$20 fee for all returned checks

We accept cash or check payments at the studio only. Credit/Debit can be used online at www.tjdance.com

All tuition is due by the 1st dance class of the month. If you pay after the 15th of the following month, a late fee may be added to your tuition.

Over the 10 month dance year the class days per month average out to 4 per month. Tuition is based on the average and therefore is not decreased for short months nor increased for 5 week months. Tuition is not reduced for missed classes unless the absence is prolonged and the bookkeeper is notified. Arrangements can be made to make up missed classes.

Classes with 4 students or less will be moved or canceled.

Class spots will not be held for fall sports.

In most cases, except in the event of a power outage, there will be an updated message on the studio answering machine & website if classes need to be canceled because the weather has made the roads dangerous. Usually if school is canceled (Riverview District), dance will also be canceled, but please call or check website.

Costume Deposit Info - Remember, you must make a commitment to participate in recital by Nov. 1, 2016. You are required to make a $50 costume deposit per student per class in December (due by Dec. 10th) or a costume will not be ordered for you or your child. You or your child will be required to participate in either the opening number or finale number, in addition to your class dances. This deposit is non refundable and goes towards the final cost of your costumes (including sales tax and shipping).


TJ Dance is closed April 9-14 for Spring Break. Happy Spring!