Tap/Jazz (Pre-Teen/Teen)

This dance combination class teaches tap and jazz. It is geared towards dancers with some dance experience. It begins with center floor warm ups and then we do barre work to learn, practice through repetition, and polish technique. We often do center floor combinations also, to add to our future dance routines. Students will increase their physical strength, flexibility and stamina as well as their dance abilities. This class will cultivate an interest in dance performance and a feeling of accomplishment.

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Int Tap (Teen/Adult)

Intermediate Tap is a class designed for tap dancers with some experience. Our class warmups are a bit faster paced and dance step combinations are more challenging than a basic beginner class. As we progress with techniques and dance exercises, rhythm, speed, and syncopation become a part of class technique. Tap dancing is fun and great exercise!

Tap Shoes Required

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Beginning Dance (MS/HS)

Beginning class for new dancers without the pressure of having experienced dancers in the class. An introduction to basic warmups, stretches, dance techniques, barre work and center floor work. Dancers will learn combinations and eventually a dance for our spring performance. Dancers MS and older will also participate in the Finale at recital. It’s never too late to try something new.

Tap and Ballet or Jazz Shoe Required.

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Hoops (Pre-Teen/MS)

Join our exhilarating class where you’ll spin, sway, and groove with hoops. We will practice with large and small hoops on and off-body hoop dancing and tricks! Drawing inspiration from hip hop, jazz, funk, and modern dance, we’ll craft a fun and memorable routine for our recital. Come try it out, your first class is a free trial!

For this class you will need: Soft/ jazz shoes for dancing, hair pulled away from the face,

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